Getting eyelash extensions for the first time!~ Care for eyelashes ~

For those who getting eyelash extensions for the first time!

~ Care for eyelashes ~

Putting on eyelash extensions for the first time One of the things that people are worried about is probably the care of eyelashes.
This time, I will explain how to care for eyelashes after putting on eyelash extensions!

Face wash NG for about 5-6 hours after getting!
The glue has not dried for about 5 to 6 hours after getting, so do not touch it unnecessarily or wash your face.

Please be careful in everyday life
① When you go to bed, do not sleep face down, but sleep face up, and be careful not to remove the extension due to friction with the pillow.

② When showering, do not put the shower directly on your eyes. It may be removed by water pressure.

③ Oil cleansing is basically NG for eyelash extensions. (There is also oil cleansing for eyelash extensions.)

④ Avoid touching your eyelashes as much as possible when washing your face or making up.

⑤ After washing your face, dry your wet eyelashes with a cool air dryer.

⑥ Getting eyelash extensions will put a strain on your eyelashes, so use eyelash care solution to take care of your own eyelashes.

When entering the sea or the pool …?
There are many opportunities to enter the sea in Hawaii. Of course it is OK to enter the sea or the pool!
But don’t neglect to take care of your eyelash extensions after you get out of the sea or pool!

That’s all for the care of eyelash extensions!
Did you understand?

The staff will explain at the salon, and if you have any questions, please ask any questions!

First Time Getting EYELASH EXTENSIONS | All About It Q&A
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