1. Reservation

Book your appointment over the phone or through our contact form. Please feel free to contact us about any questions as well.

2. Consultation

Your eyelash artists will examine your lashes and ask about your preferences to suggest the perfect lash design.

3. Application

Your eyelash artist will begin with cleaning your lashes to remove any leftover make up and oil.
She will then place the extensions on each lash with a special glue.
Once finished, she will dry the glue with a gentle, cool air.

4. Aftercare Explanation

Your eyelash artist will explain how to treat your lashes for a longer lasting result.
We also have a vanity where you can fix your makeup before leaving the salon.

5. Payment

We accept both cash and major credit cards.
Lash extensions last approximately one month.
If you book your next visit within one month, you will receive 20% off the next treatment.