We offer a discount service to commemorate the reopening! 

We offer a discount service to commemorate the reopening!

[Target] Those who use our shop for the first time. Those who have not used our shop for more than 3 months
[Details] Eyelash extension 60 minutes 120 extensions course Normal $ 100 → 40% off $ 60
[Period] June 21, 2021 to August 31, 2021
There are many designs too! We will respond to your request.

Matsuge Honpo Hawaii was created by listening to the voices of eyelash extension lovers.
Experience premium salon quality in the middle of Honolulu, Hawaii.
Stylists are trained exclusively by highly experienced instructors from popular Japanese salons.
The lash extension materials are all imported from Japan, known to be world’s best quality.

New clients are greeted with personal counseling and styling, suggesting a perfect style just for you depending on your lash condition and desires.
Our experienced stylists will follow up with aftercare advice for long lasting extensions. Enjoy and relax at our soothing salon.

We look forward to your inquiries and visits.


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