Eyelash extensions

Whether you are looking for a more glamorous look, or just want to shorten your morning make up routine, eyelash extensions are the perfect recommendation for you.
Lash extensions are carefully attached 1-2mm from the root of your natural lashes with a special glue to create more volume and extend your lashes beautifully.
Our salon specializes in long lasting lashes, resistant against water, with a natural look. With our lashes, you can swim, surf, and go about your usual routine.
We offer various designs, from sexy, to glamorous, to cute, our lashes are great for wedding occasions or to enhance a natural look for your day-to-day.
Choose from a variety of length, thickness, and curl, and find your perfect style with your personal stylist.

Eyelash Designs

Find the perfect eyelash design for you.
Cute, sexy, or glamorous, different styles will change you impression dramatically.
Choose from a variety of designs and find the perfect match for you.


☆Cute and Glamorous
Make your eyes pop and look bigger, perfect for those who love volume mascara.

☆Cute and Natural
For those who want to enhance your natural beauty with cute curled lashes.


☆Sexy Glamorous
Longer lashes on the corners of your eyes to create that sexy, cat eye look.

☆Sexy and Natural
For those who prefer less curled lashes.


☆Super Glamorous Mixed Length
Create dramatic and glamorous eyes by mixing different length of lashes.

☆Super Natural Mixed Length
Create a natural look just like your own lashes by mixing different length of lashes.